Toriyama Umami Wagyu


TORIYAMA FARM is located 800m north-east from the foot of Mt. Akagi. Blessed with clean air and clear water springing from the Tanigawa Mountains, the area enjoys the wide variations of the four seasons, with summer temperatures in the refreshing 20-30℃ range typical of tablelands and the landscape and winter temperatures falling below 0℃ as snow blankets the landscape.
Toriyama manages directly the whole process themselves, from production to selling. Their farms handles raising of cattles, to reproduction, to fattening and processing, in their own integrated production method.
AKAGI Japanese beef is soft and fine-grained meat, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acid-rich, mellow sweetness and flavour. They do not just focus on the marbling, but focus on the quality and Umami of the meat itself.